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Vance E. Hendrix, PC, a Probate Attorney and Estate Planning opens office in Dallas, Texas. Probate Attorney and Estate Planning attorney Vance E. Hendrix, president of Vance E. Hendrix, PC, has opened an Law Office in Dallas Texas.  The office is located at 8117 Preston Road, Suite 300, Dallas, Texas 75225.  Vance E. Hendrix, PC, was established in 2010 when Vance E. Hendrix left a law firm  in Flower Mound, Texas  to establish an independent law practice that focuses on Probate, Estate Planning, and wills and trust. Vance E. Hendrix  has been providing legal services to Texans in Dallas, Denton, Ft. Worth, McKinney, Frisco, Flower Mound, and all of the metroplex since 2007.When asked why he opened the new office, Mr. Hendrix stated “It was time for a more permanent presence in Dallas.  I have been practicing before the probate courts in Dallas County, Denton County, Tarrant County, and Collin County for  several years, without a centrally located Dallas office.  This new office will allow my firm to better serve Texans living and working  in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.”

Dallas Probate Attorney

Dallas Probate Attorney Vance E. Hendrix PC

Vance E. Hendrix offers a wide array of legal services from estate planning and probate, to business counsel to family law and criminal defense. Vance E. Hendrix, PC, is a full service law firm where all of your legal needs can be met. One of the main practice  areas  that Mr. Hendrix is focusing on in 2012 is offering estate planning services. When asked why he thought estate planning services were critical for Texas, Vance E. Hendrix responded  “Legal services that focus on how a person’s assets are to be distributed after death are critical in our society. Because more that 50% of all marriages end in divorce, this means that many
people are in their second and third, if not fourth marriages. More often than not, these individuals have children from both the present marriage and the previous marriage, resulting in what is the typical American blended family.” Hendrix continued  “Spouses are often concerned about how their spouse will be provided for after their death.  Community property laws and the laws that provide for the distribution of assets upon death don’t always adequately provide for the surviving spouse or the
children from previous marriages.  The children from a previous marriage may have rights to assets that you want your surviving spouse to have.”

Vance E. Hendrix, PC, offers legal services that address the often emotionally charged questions such as
will there be harmony in the family after a person dies? Does a person really need a will? Is a do-it yourself will really a good idea? Vance E. Hendrix, PC, is a law firm that is well versed and experienced in handling and addressing estate planning questions and concerns.  The Services that Vance E. Hendrix, PC, now plans to offer to the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex will help to eliminate some of the complexity that is present even modest estates. When asked about his primary objectives, Dallas Probate Attorney and Estate Planning Attorney, Vance E. Hendrix, responded “My objective is to assist clients in putting in place a plan that provides for the client’s family, taking into consideration the client’s unique family dynamics, needs, and goals. I strive to make sure that the plan that is put into place for the client effectively distributes that client’s hard earned assets the way that he
or she wants, while limiting the opportunity for family conflict after the client has died.”

It is obvious that Vance E. Hendrix has a passion for helping families plan for the distribution of their estates, using a variety of tools including  wills, trusts,  powers of attorney, and strategic beneficiary designations.  Now that same passion is going to be widely available to Texans in Dallas.

Probate Attorney in Dallas Tx Vance E. Hendrix may be reached at (214) 500-1702 or Contact us on our website.


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